Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama's War Speech: A Pack of Lies

Justin Raimondo does an amazing job dissecting it here.


  1. I suspect the reason that the West Point cadets weren't enthusiastic about Obama's speech is that Obama is anti-military. I'd like the author of that article to prove that there is only 100 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan. I didn't like Obama's speech either.

  2. Obama anti-military? Hardly. He's expanding the "defense" budget and war machine like crazy.

    His foreign policy is apparently just as Soviet-inspired as his economic policies.

  3. From the article:

    Although conservatives have bemoaned Obama’s plan to decrease defense spending ever since he took office, it turns out that defense spending is up for fiscal year 2010, which began October 1. Back on May 7, Obama sent to Congress his proposed defense budget. He requested a base of $533.8 billion and an additional $130 billion to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to a Department of Defense press release: "The base budget represents an increase of $20.5 billion over the $513.3 billion enacted for fiscal 2009" (Bush’s last defense budget). And according to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: "This budget provides the balance necessary to institutionalize and finance our capabilities to fight the wars we are in today and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead, while at the same time providing a hedge against other risks and contingencies."

    Obama’s first defense budget (FY 2010) is almost as much as the rest of the world’s defense spending combined.

  4. One of the reason I say he's anti-military is that he has been very accusatory in nature toward the military in certain situations when the military was not at fault and he didn't know the facts either. Plus, his response to the Ft. Hood attack was inadequate and quite frankly lame.

  5. The military is a socialist institution, which is why Obama is in favor of it. His ultimate goal is to drain the private sector and put the state (and its cronies in big business) in charge of everything.

  6. I agree that Obama is a socialist. I think that the military can be socialist depending on what purpose the military is being used for. I do agree that Obama does want to drain the private sector. He is pro big government and believes that the government can solve all of our problems. But, don't think he's pro big business. Maybe he's pro big business when it supports his socialism/communism, but not in a capitalistic sense.

  7. He is *very* pro-big business, as his support for the bail-outs and Afghan war show. Big business is running most of the show. But you're right that there's nothing 'laissez-faire' about it, since they're being propped up by the state rather than the market.

  8. Obama: not a socialist (take it from the communist)

    Military: not socialist (though they do love their health care, Canada-style)

    Again, no one here is actually addressing the interesting thing: We're moving the war to Pakistan. Did no one else catch that? I know we've been flying pilotless drones, but seriously. Invading a new country... never would have guessed it from him.

    Who would have thought Biden would be the voice of reason in this administration?!

    Teresa: don't be so predictable. You got your way, quit pestering the new guy. What's he got to do to not have Republicans criticize him? Ban abortion and deport gays?

  9. He's socialist... he's big business... he's pro-military... he hates the military... your stereotypes are coming from stereo directions.

    I was just getting used to Libertarian talking points. Teresa is really throwing this off. Who invited the Retardican?

  10. Ginx,
    Thanks for proving what a lowlife you really are, and that you obviously are a liberal wannabe.

    I feel sorry for you since you hate people who are different than you. Maybe a little spirituality would help the love flow into your life. Have fun hating and being like the hating liberals.

  11. Liberal wanna-be? Why can't I just be a bona fide liberal? Am I missing credentials of some kind? Did I not say the conversion prayer correctly?

    Yeah, maybe if I was religious I would express God's love more by opposing gay rights and telling women what to do with their bodies.

    Thanks for being my poster-child for abortion, Teresa.

    With love, Ginx

  12. Ginx,

    When you say you're a communist, do you mean the anarchist kind?

    Please tell me the answer is yes :D



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