Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peppermint and Pot

A little girl was suspended for taking peppermint oil to school and giving it to some other kids. Psychotic Superintendent James Feltman declared that there was "no question" of the girl's guilt in the drug distribution operation.

Best advice here? Get your kiddies out of the hellholes know as public schools.

Meanwhile, some generous gift givers just trying to spread some Christmas joy were arrested as criminals for the good deed.

Oh, and by the way, NEVER give permission to the cops to do ANYTHING!


  1. I thought this would be a tastey recipe, but it turned out to be a real bummer.

    Also, I went to private schools. They're much worse. They just have much better PR.

    They're worse in pretty much every way you can imagine. If you want your kids on drugs, send them to private school. If you want your kids to have every right (especially religious freedom) violated, send them to a private school. And if you want your kid expelled for grades so that the school can maintain higher test scores, send them to private school.

    Good advice about not consenting to a search, though. It helps even more to use a lot of "sir" or "ma'am" when you talk to them, since in the end they all wish they had respect. Might as well throw them a bone if you have something to hide. More flies with honey, and all that.

  2. The public schools suck. I think I'm really against schools for young children anyway.

    It makes more sense to home school them but let them spend most of their time making mud pies in the backyard. They'll be much better off.

  3. The problem is, schools are largely for babysitting. Schools also do a much better job of teaching higher level math and science. Reading and language skills are pretty easily taught by parents, but the child can never hope to surpass the abilities of their parents. I don't believe children should be held down by the deficiencies of their parents.

    Home schooling assumes so many things. It assumes the household has one parent who can stay home (most do not). It assumes the person staying home can teach (most cannot). Often, people point to the exceptions to the rule of homeschooling and say, "Look, that kid who has no friends won a spelling bee, homeschooling works!"

    Even worse, most homeschooling has one of the primary problems of private schools: forced religion.


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