Monday, December 7, 2009

Music Monday: Revolver, the short version

Revolver by The Beatles is probably the greatest Rock/Pop album of all time.

Video via The Commentator where he writes: Scratch the Stones and Zeppelin and you find Robert Johnson and the blues. This is not to disparage those bands. Far from it. Far, far from it. I love pulling out Exile or Zep's I anytime.


Scratch The Beatles and you find nothing like it in 20th century music.

More on the greatest rock bands of all time from The Commentator here (The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin) and here (The Who and The Kinks). And I agree that the Kinks are underrated.

And some other ratings and opinions found here:

Out of these bands- Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who and the Rolling Stones. Here is my Breakdown

Instrumentally- The Who
Influence- The Beatles
Songwriting-melodies, chord progressions, riffs, cover version and lyrics- The Beatles
Innovation- The Beatles
Vocals- The Who over Led Zeppelin- vocal Harmonies the Beatles easily
Singles- The Beatles
Albums- The Beatles then Pink Floyd
Live Act- The Who
Musical Versatility- The Beatles

My answer the Beatles.

And this:

# 1 many people say that Led Zeppelin ripped off old blues artists and are not really so orginal, # 2 they sound like one of the worst bands I have ever had the misfortune to hear! As I have said elsewhere, they along with Queen and Pink Floyd are the only 3 groups that I have to get up off of my chair even if I'm very tired and turn off immediately! I will *NEVER* understand how anyone can find Led Zeppelin's horrible banging around noise with no quality what so ever,and screaming and screaching even remotely good much less great,it's very mindboggling!

The Who,The Rolling Stones,and Jimi Hendrix all sound a million times better! And The Beatles THE REAL ORIGINAL,INNOVATIVE,CREATIVE,DIVERSE,PROLIFIC,TRUE GREATEST ROCK BAND EVER, AS voted in every major poll of over 1,000 people age 18 and up,and who even Ozzy Osbourne calls The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth Are A *ZILLION* Times Better!


  1. Zep may have knocked off a couple old blues riffs but they do it well and made those sounds contemporary. I think you should give some live zeppelin a chance. They have a 4 disk live album that is really good. One whole side(vinyl) is all just Dazed and Confused. Their live show was ahead of it's time. They're far more interesting to hear live than the who IMO.

  2. I should have also mentioned "country western" when it came to the Stones!

    Thanks for the pluggy.

    Do you think The Kinks deserve more recognition?

    And here's another question: Who's the greatest American rock band? Beach Boys? Velvet Underground? The Doors? The Eagles?

  3. Yes, The Kinks do deserve more recognition.

    As for American bands, since the all the greatest rock bands seem to be British, I'd really have to give that some thought before answering.


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