Thursday, October 21, 2010

A story of how "good religionists" will run you out of town

This gets worse...

Atheist Acquitted on Assault Charges After Being Harassed by Local Christians

The entire community turned against the Smalkowskis — and those who knew the truth were pressured into keeping quiet. Local reporters were pressured to not print the truth — and reporters from outside the area appear to have followed suit.

I turned myself in within 2 hours of an arrest warrant. Bail was set high at $5000 for a misdemeanor. When I paid it, it was switched to $15,000. A man that turns himself in and owns land is not a flight risk. I am not charged with two charges; the misdemeanor was brought along because of the excessive bail! The Sheriff Benji Fuentes and policeman Guy Cook, who are this mans friend, live within a few doors of each other, have wives and relatives on the school board, never took both sides of the story, though they heard it. If they had it would have stopped right there. Instead they knowingly shaped the evidence to hopefully stop the lawsuit I said I was going to file. They even went so far as to hindering us in obtaining evidence that would prove my innocence and my daughter's civil suit. [...]

The D.A. was willing to drop the charges if I left the county. The charges were switched from a misdemeanor to a felony when I refused. My local lawyer from Guymon was more than compromised and the DA knew it, yet she allowed him to continue until I found out and dropped him. He admitted it himself.
If you think this type of exclusionary, violent, dishonest, conspiratorial, and deceitful behavior is rare among christian communities - you are not paying attention!

Oklahoma Trial Unanimous “NOT GUILTY” In Smaklowski Case

The "good christians" lost because they lied and proof was presented in court - even their god could not help cover the vicious deceit.

On a sad note for atheists there was some "shenanigans" with the lawyers (imagine that) from an atheist group helping them, seems there was some promotion going on and not real work and there were problems. The school and city did settle, but we do not know what that was or how it turned out for the family.

Discrimination Story

From my personal experience I would tell them to sell their farm, take the money (if any) and move to the western US out of the bible belt - only pain and suffering is in the future - escape while you can, you do not want to be in that town when the SHTF.

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  1. Am I glad to be in The Netherlands, where 90% of my friends laugh in the face of science defying idiocy.


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