Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stealing Bottled Water?

Not from this security guard's CVS. Bang bang, suspect handled. Judge, jury and executioner: who says private inudstry isn't more efficient?


  1. Yes, capitalism is evil! I agree! But I didn't know trying to prevent someone from stealing and then defending yourself as they're beating you (and you're elderly) was the same as what the cops do repeatedly to people who've committed no crime or a victimless one.

    From your story:

    Police said James was also trying to steal several items.

    James, a resident of Gretna, began severely beating the guard, but the guard drew his pistol and shot him several times. He died about five minutes after paramedics arrived with him at LSU Interim Public Hospital's trauma center, Gagliano said.

    The guard was taken to Touro Hospital for treatment, according to police information released Thursday. Williams said he had "facial injuries and broken teeth."

  2. What kind of law sentences a thief to death? Sharia?


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