Saturday, October 16, 2010

How To Speak Conservative #1

What they say: “Athletes and musicians make too much money. We have teachers who make next to nothing and guys who play with a ball make millions. It’s not right.”

What they mean: “All those black athletes and rappers don’t deserve to lick my boot, and heil to the white billionaire hedge-fund operators who dwarf those spooks’ earnings without ever having to break a sweat or produce a single hit record.”


  1. There's one small logical flaw in your statement. Small but it does crack it.

    I'll let you find it. Since, well you know, you're so smart and infallible.

    As for the term "conservative" it's interesting how you don't like when the term "socialist" or "socialism" is misused (ie generalizations) but seem to commit this error here as well.

    But of course, you knew that.

  2. I wanted it to be "Republican," but Tea Partiers are so gung ho committed to convincing people they're different, I thought I'd just include them. I should also qualify it with "American Conservative."

  3. Fair enough.

    But I think they recgonize that not all athletes, musicians and teachers are black. In order for your interpretation to work it would have to be assumed everyone is black.

    Moreover, you only address "athletes" and "musicians" part but not the teachers. Surely there are some blacks among their ranks, no? Not only that, I'm pretty sure some blacks are making a killing on Wall St. as well.

    There's no way to prove the distinction you make. You take a general observation and infer from it a specific racial one.

    It's like me saying, "Ginx says socialism rocks," but what he's really saying is "I distrust human nature and therefore I want government to control us for our own good even if it makes us dependent on the state and makes us lazy."

    It's trading four quarters for a dollar logic since I can't confirm that's what you think unless you say so.

    Until the people you attack (Tea Party) explicitly tell us that or say so as part of their platform, asserting they are so doesn't make it true.

    Or else we end up in circles arguing endlessly.

    Until then, it's just an opinion based on (educated if need be) observations.

    I could be wrong but that's what I'm seeing unless someone can point out any flaw in my thinking.

  4. Ah, but you see, those liberals in Hollywood aren't all black either, but they're still demonized by the working class conservative. There is a sort of "they didn't earn it" attitude, and I know most conservatives aren't racist.

    Quite the contrary, the reason they think this way is because conservatives are ignorant of the facts. Athelets, musicians, $40 dollar a film actors... these are all publicly known figures. The average American can't name the two Senators representing the state they live in, but they know who hundreds of celebrities are, and what they make is probably part of what they're known for (the stars of "Friends" making a million an episode, Alex Rodriguez signed to a X million dollar contract, etc.).

    Now imagine how much they know about the highly publicized world of banking. Warren Buffett is well known, and any good political junkie worth their salt knows who George Soros is, but how about George Icahn, John Paulson, James Simons, Steve Cohen, Steven Schwarzman, Robert Bass... all of whom are not multimillionaires, but multi-billionaires.

    These people made their money manipulating money. Their fortunes are nothing but the cream they skimmed off the top of every business deal that they could manage to dip into. They didn't produce anything, they didn't work hard for what they did. They had grunts below them doing most of thr work, and their primary role was providing money, money which they usually didn't earn themselves - like a lot of the world's richest, many didn't earn their money, they inherited it and their money worked for them.

    I'm pretty indignant of people like this, especially since they give a bad name to real entrepreneurs and business owners who make their money by providing the world a service or product. I would think conservatives would be as well, but I guess they're too busy being dazzled by the highly visible celebrity puppets to notice the puppeteers.

  5. I'm pretty much with you on the final paragraph.


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