Monday, October 18, 2010


If you love freedom of information like I do, get ready for Christmas.

Last July, WikiLeaks made headlines - and invoked the ire of government obstructionists - when they released some 70,000 documents that exposed American abuse in the Afghan War.

This brave act resulted in the imprisonment of Bradley Manning, arguably the greatest hero America has seen in a while. He exposed the world to the callous and brutal actions of the US military in Afghanistan. As of today, October 18th, he has been imprisoned for 145 days.

So imagine my elation when I found out that 7 times as many documents are set to be released this month. WikiLeaks has been teasing that over 500,000 documents pertaining to Iraq will be released in October.

Why is it taking so long? Every document is being pored over by readers who are removing any sensitive information. They aren’t redacting offensive or embarrassing information, they are ensuring that locals who aided the US and any hint of future troop movements or tactics are blacked out, so that soldiers and Iraqis are not endangered.

Don’t buy into the bullshit that this information “empowers our enemies,” or that it is unpatriotic. Opposition will say, “This information puts soldiers and allies at risk,” but I would say it was their own actions which have endangered them. The true fallout of this will be that this information is ripe for use by our enemies in recruitment, and those to blame aren’t the ones who are revealing the truth.

WikiLeaks, I salute you and your war against the suppression of abuse.


  1. Heat 'um up...

    Make it as painful and embarrassing as possible, roast the neocons.

  2. ... and the liberals. I didn't see many Democrats standing in the way from 2001 to 2006. Even in Bush's last 2 years, Democrats didn't oppose blatantly erroneous legislation with even a fraction of the fervor that Republicans display when debating with Barrack Obama over what day of the week it is.

  3. Transcends ideological lines. I love wikileaks.


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