Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Ideas?

So we're gonna have another pumpkin carving contest at work this year. It's not an individual competition, it's between the different departments. On the day of the judging, all the pumpkin entries are put on display in the break room. Our department has won an award a couple years in a row, though if I were a judge, I would have voted against us; our winners have been less because of the carving (just the use of those stencils you can buy) than the rest of the display that the pumkin is presented on (a graveyard with tombstones; a hand coming out of a coffin; Michael Jackson - that sort of thing).

So, they're soliciting for ideas around the office for a theme for this year's contest. I'd suggest we carve a Bret "Ginx" Alan jack-o-lantern, but I don't want to propose anything that gruesome or frightening. So, does anybody reading this have any ideas?


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