Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pat Tillman shame part two

A modified version of the quote by Lt. Col. Ralph Kauzlarich - so how would this play out in the MSM?
“When you die, I mean, there is supposedly a better life, right? Well, if you are an Jew and you don’t believe in Jesus, if you die, what is there to go to? Hell of course. You are the devil's toy now. So for their son to die and not know Christ, and now he is a Jew in hell. That is pretty hard to get your head around that. So I don’t know how an Jew thinks. I can only imagine that that would be pretty tough.”

Do you think his religious beliefs become a factor in the ongoing investigation?, Kauzlarich said, “I think so. There is not a whole lot of trust in the system or faith in the system by that Jewish family. So that is my personal opinion, knowing what I know.”

Asked what might finally placate the family, Kauzlarich said, “You know what? I don’t think anything will make Jews happy, quite honestly. I don’t know. Maybe they want to see somebody’s head on a platter. But will that really make that batch of Jews happy? No, because they can’t bring their son back.”
Just replace atheist with Jewish and Jew, and family trouble-makers with Jews and how would this "good Christian's" words play out? Can you say instant discharge and ride on a rail?


  1. Considering the fact that atheists were killed in the Holocaust as well, I don't see how atheists have such horrible PR when it comes to public acceptance. I guess it's too easy to pin Stalinism and Maoism on atheism, but it's not like Israel has been abuse free during it's reign...

  2. I was trying to show how offensive Christians can be when dealing with the "evil atheists" by hi lighting one of the other Abrahamic religions (at least the one that is not officially the "bomb the crap out of the damn darkies" five minute hate).

    But of course they can be offensive jerks just don't have the nerve to suggest their delusion is not real.


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