Thursday, October 14, 2010

America, You Sicken Me

Private health insurers would throw your baby in front of a car if it saved them a nickel and they knew they could get away with it.

Despite the government caving in to the private health insurance industry’s every whim, they are still slaughtering children by denying coverage and care for kids who have “pre-existing conditions.”

These are kids, not adults who let themselves go and allowed their lifestyles to shorten their life span through years of neglect. Some are even infants. If you can explain to me how a newborn even has a pre-existing condition, I would love to hear it.

The bottom line is this: insurers make money by denying coverage. That is their biggest source of profit, and they hire people whose sole job it is to scour your medical records for loopholes that allow them to not do their job.

They’re also in the business of making sure anyone who is sick and was dropped from coverage will never be insured again, because no one wants to take responsibility for a person who actually has medical bills to pay.

Sarah Palin and her fellow Retardicans warned people that the government would institute death panels, and yet it’s not the government who is choosing who lives and dies: it’s private insurers. It always has been, and it always will be until we take that power away from them. Whether or not you get medical care is at the sole discretion of people who will profit from not providing it for you.

America is the only industrialized nation without public healthcare. We have the lowest life expectancy of any industrialized nation, we spend more on our health care than any other nation, and we get the worst healthcare for the steep cost. I am sick and tired of living in a medically third-world nation.

I don’t care if you think “big government” is the enemy. I don’t care if you think everything the government does fails. Here are the facts: private insurance is not working, public healthcare has worked everywhere that it has been implemented, and the only people in America who are benefitting from the current system are those in the insurance industry.

I am sick of listening to conservative bullshit rhetoric that is spewed without a shred of acknowledgment for the facts. I am sick of people who are insured now brushing all of this off as if it were nothing, because they’re insured now and healthy. I am sick of those same people acting surprised at the first sign of illness when their insurance drops them and they become one of the millions of people who file for bankruptcy due to medical bills (the #1 cause of bankruptcy is health care expenses, which accounts for over half of all filings in the US).

Quit being stupid. Quit ignoring the empirical facts. Get off your ideological high horse and acknowledge that the private health insurance industry is killing Americans, and the only thing that will fix it is providing public care for all Americans, without the threat of dropped coverage.


  1. Wow stars and no comments... maybe because you fucktards have nothing to say that pertains to reality, you just want to voice your disagreement.

    You know what, maybe Americans have the healthcare they deserve.

  2. Bret, I hope people do leave comments. Your heart is definitely in the right place on this, but it's not a simple "government good/bad vs. free market good/bad" dichotomy.

    We don't have anything approaching a free market in health care in the United States. In fact, much of what most of the population is forced into now, when they have coverage at all (employer-based insurance and HMO's, out-of-control costs) is a result of government involvement, initiatives and regulation.

    The insurance industry as we know it (as with most large capitalist enterprises) has a cozy relationship with the state, and couldn't exist in its present form without the explicit support of the state.

  3. Um, no. The government has nothing to do with private insurance dropping you. Zero, nada. Thank you for not even addressing the problem.

    Here's the reality: public healthcare is better for everyone, even the privately insured, because once you do have a problem and your private insurance drops you, you at least have coverage.

    It is a completely contrived argument to say that private healthcare is anything but a bullshit factory that decides who lives and who dies. If there was no government at all, they would still drop you. If there was no government at all, they would still charge outrageous rates. If there was no government at all, people would still be getting their insurance without choice through employers.

    Total loads of bullshit, Nikk, and completely irrelevant argument of "Oh, but the health industry is in bed with government" stance. You think I don't know the private health industry is one of the largest political campaign contributors to both parties? That is precisely why we don't have a public option.

    Way to skirt the issue though. And I would love it if anyone had the testicles to even attempt to argue against this with any substance.

  4. I won't get any comments, just people rating this poorly who think that because the jackass conservatives they elected ruined the country, that government is doomed to fail and that nothing government does can ever be right. Maybe it's just that the people you dipshits select are completely retarded. Go back to your fucking klan rallies with Ron Paul and leave political thinking to those who don't think being smart is "elitist."

    I hope you all fucking choke.

  5. Here's a thought: since you old pieces of shit are going to be dying soon anyway, how about you just hang yourselves and let young people, who actually have to endure the world you asshole yuppies left us, actually fix it. I'm fucking sick of you ancient dinosaurs who fucked up my country obstructing anyone who attempts to clean up the mess you made.

    Seriously, no one wants you old, wrinkly pieces of shit, Go jump off of a bridge, assuming it hasn't crumbled from neglect yet.

  6. Hey Brett

    You are so right that insurance companies are for profit and the best way to profit is to deny coverage to people thus lowering their cost per person. I think its about $50,000 you can spend a year and then after that they will deny you also. Yep, follow the money trail every time.
    However, the national coverage usually denies care by age. So 80 is the cut off for elective surgery. Thereafter for life saving only. And there is a wait. Not sure I like that so much.
    Must I wait to have my gal bladder out till I am in crisis cause I am 80? And really, how many 20 year olds get their gal bladder out? You don’t need care till you get older and then your policy stops. You need Medicare. There is no profit in insuring the elderly cause they are the one more prone to the disease process. They are the one that put off that hip surgery, knee replacement and then what. DENIED.
    Lets just not be complainers about the current system without having a great replacement for it. Everyone can do that.
    What about the people that are kept at home on long term care? Should we pull the plug to save a few bucks.? Look into the costs of the homecare health industry. And what about those Siamese twins? Should we try to separate them or not? If the parents are young and able to continue to breed why not just let the Siamese perish and the parents reproduce better the next time. What about genetic defects? Should they even be allowed to breed and pass on the BAD gene? Does that include sickle cells recessive trait?
    See this is sure a can of worms and even Hilary couldn’t take it on. So I know I can’t.
    What is your solution? And please Brett, don't resort to profanity it just substitutes for ignorance, theres no brilliance there.

  7. Doreen: there is no "government" situation until we make one. We can choose to not have any of those problems, and when (not if) we have problems, we can elect people who will correct them. The current system has us at the mercy of the nobility who own the insurance companies, who we have no power over.

    Well, we do... in fact I would recommend storming their homes with torches, but since Americans are too lazy to care... I don't see that happening. The outrage isn't there in most people until they're too sick to stand up for themselves, and the private insurers rely on our short-sightedness to profit.

  8. Oh, and as for paying for it, take your pick from any or all of the following:

    - cutting military spending (17% of our military funding would pay for public health coverage for everyone)
    - ending the drug war (either the cost law enforcement we save or the taxes on the legalized drugs would pay for healthcare)
    - progessive taxes (taxing the mega-wealthy a reasonable rate, instead of granting them loopholes that has them paying a lower % of their income than middle class Americans)


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