Friday, August 6, 2010

Single Moms Hit Hard by Economic Downturn


  1. People who are paid less and need to work two or more jobs to get by are having a rough time during the recession?!

    This must be liberal propaganda, it's too... obvious.

  2. Don't know how else to point this out but... what is with linking to Mangan's blog? I don't think I've ever read anything so viciously racist in my life.

    You tried to make the point that tea partiers aren't racist, but this sort of negates that.

    Not that I care if you're racist or you're not and you just linked to them for some other thing they were writing about. Nor would I say you're racist for linking to them after I point this out, just saying: wow, that guy is racist.

  3. PLEASE don't take it down. It's like travelling back in time to 1950's Mississippi and arguing with red necks without the threat of them shooting me. Plus, I bett they'll let me use the "n" word!

  4. We'll keep it up just for you, Ginx.

  5. Aww, they censored me. You ever notice that people with fucked up views of the world are so concerned with preventing other peoples' opinions from being viewed on their site?

    I think the biggest offenders I've found are Christians, but ignorant fools of every stripe hate seeing anything that doesn't support their agenda, especially where anyone else may see some sense juxtaposed to their lunacy.

  6. Christians are strange that way, they'll even censor other Christians if they don't like their "doctrine".

    especially where anyone else may see some sense juxtaposed to their lunacy

    And we all appreciate your not censoring comments at your blog for that reason.

  7. If I deleted the common sense comments on my blog, it would get pretty quiet over there.

    Although to be fair, "the world is flat" was once common sense, so I'm not too insulted. Some might say I'm a "visionary," but it's just acid flashbacks.


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