Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Real Kooks

We are led by fools who ignore the ample evidence history provides about the collapse of spendthrift societies. Such events abound. How is it they expect our overspending to end in other than disaster? You'd have to ask them, I guess. Or perhaps read the fantasies of Paul Krugman, the economist/columnist who believes the biggest problem with the stimulus spending is that there hasn't been nearly enough of it. His name is rarely mentioned without the fact that he is a Nobel Prize winner. He could have a room full of prizes, but anyone with a lick of common sense knows he's wrong on this. The few economists that warned that the credit explosion of recent years would hasten and deepen financial disaster were mainly from the so-called Austrian school and were derided by their Keynesian counterparts as kooks. Who looks kooky now?

Ron Smith: Dangers of big government increasingly clear


  1. Mistake after mistake, after mistake.
    Is not a mistake.
    It is just suppose to look like one.

  2. were mainly? well they are plenty of economists and non-economists from Argentina to Africa that ADVISE AGAINST changes in multi-model budget terms for the BIG EConomies
    with respect to 1950-1991 means: positive anomalies arise in the fabric of economics and indicate an increasing source (but not an decreasing sink)....
    from the so-called Austrian school are the more visible after the 2008/9 event

  3. I just noticed your title, man, you really have it in for Bill!

    As for the the two-star rating, must have been Paul Kroooooogman himself - or a deranged fan.


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