Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Monday: Sonic Youth

Some albums evoke memories of the time or place you first heard them. There are people who were around when the Beatles first released many of their albums toward the end of the year, near Christmas, and therefore still think of records such as The White Album as Christmas music.

The following songs by Sonic Youth are from Goo, the 1990 release that was the band's first major label album, with Geffen. While it was released in June, I didn't purchase the CD until some time in November, and as a result, it has that holiday feel to it for me to this day. I probably played it too often that year while sitting near the Christmas tree.

The album was less experimental than their previous work, making it more suitable for the masses, if still, perhaps, somewhat of an acquired taste. I still think it tastes pretty damn good.

Album Tracks:

"Dirty Boots" (lyrics/vocals Moore, backing vocal Gordon) – 5:28
"Tunic (Song for Karen)" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 6:22
"Mary-Christ" (lyrics Moore, vocals Moore/Gordon) – 3:11
"Kool Thing" (lyrics/vocals Gordon, guest vocals Chuck D) – 4:06
"Mote" (lyrics/vocals Ranaldo) – 7:37
"My Friend Goo" (lyrics/vocals Gordon, backing vocal Moore) – 2:19
"Disappearer" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 5:08
"Mildred Pierce" (lyrics/vocals Moore) – 2:13
"Cinderella's Big Score" (lyrics/vocals Gordon) – 5:54
"Scooter + Jinx" – 1:06
"Titanium Exposé" (lyrics/vocals Moore and Gordon) – 6:24

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