Monday, August 9, 2010

Map of Democracy

Sorry for all the videos, but I've got a headache, and they're easier to post than anything else right now. Oh, I take it back, I'm not sorry at all!

This is via The Commentator, and he likes this quote:

"But many have noted that the will of the people has tended not to prevail, and that a majority of people eligible to vote are so discouraged that they do not vote. The main reason for this is the buying and selling of elections and politicians by the wealthier class of citizens and their special interest groups. A year or more before elections take place, the winner is decided by those who vote with dollars. But this is a defect in democracy, not a reason to abandon it. The answer is to cure the defect, not to attempt to destroy our representative democracy."

But I don't like it. Democracy is clearly a failure. End it (and the State that goes with it), and give me real liberty!

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