Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey DM, Comment Moderation is OFF!

That's right, DM, and I declare here and now that it will stay off, subject, of course, to circumstances. Comment moderation may remain for older posts of a certain age, a duration that might be just a week, or could be closer to a month.

Did you know (and I address general readers now, not DM) that Blogger now has a spam blocker feature for comments? How well it works only time will tell, but at least it's a start, and maybe it will work great.

I found out about it quite accidentally by going to John W. Loftus's Blog, Debunking Christianity, where I found this post on the subject: Blogger Just Added Spam Blocker.

Here Mabus Mabus.

According to The Real Blogger Status, this new ability to mark comments as spam is being rolled out on "a blog by blog basis". To see if you have it, from your Blogger dashboard go to comments and see what happens.

Happy spam marking!

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