Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't Give Out Free Crack Pipes, Free the Crack Pipes!

For more than 20 years, local heroin addicts have relied on a collection of needle exchanges for clean works. But in recent months, crack users too have quietly found an outlet in the city.

In a nondescript alley in the University District, users can pick up clean crack pipes, pipe filters and ascorbic acid for injecting crack. Heroin users can also pick up a drug that reverses a heroin overdose -- an apparent first for a city needle exchange.

U District needle exchange gives out free crack pipes

h/t Liberty Pulse


  1. I had no idea there was a problem with crack heads using dirty pipes. Do they know they can just "refurbish" them by running nail polish remover through them? The acetone will strip all the carbon and resin right off, no scrubbing necessary.

    I bet if they legalized crack, Nestle would include a free pipe with every purchase. Those things are just pennies to produce (both the pipe and the crack).

  2. I live on the outskirts of Phoenix Az.
    Just talked to a lady that works at a half way house.
    H is back in fashion. She said it is cheaper than before, and very accessible.
    Reefer is NOT a gate way drug. If we legalized reefer. Crack, meth, and H, use would go way down if not disappear altogether.

  3. RZ, I may be wrong, but I think the poster is advocating the legalization of crack, and frankly I agree. Weed isn't even a drug, it's more like... milk. And not even raw milk, I mean it's like the pasteurized stuff.

  4. re: "Milk" ROFLMFAO
    I have never tried smoking milk.
    And I love milk.

  5. Oh, so now I see how it is, commenter Bret. I'm just the generic "poster", not Nick, Nikk, Nicky, or Nikkadoodle! Just "the poster"! And I thought we were buds!

    Well, send this newsflash to DM so he'll know to leave me alone, cause if you're not my buddy, there's no reason for him to harass this blog any longer.

  6. Sorry Nikkerdoodle, all the crack resin... it just makes me not... think... so... good. Hey man, you got any change? I gotta catch a bus...


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