Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog of the Moment: You Made Me Say It!

A belief in the existence of something when there is no evidence in reality for it existing is by definition an irrational belief. That’s not an opinion, that’s fact. Another fact is the foundation for belief in every religion. What is it? Faith. Faith is defined as both loyalty and “firm belief in something for which there’s no proof.” In other words, faith is irrational, so any belief dependent upon faith is therefore irrational, which makes anyone holding such a belief irrational.

Nobody likes to think they’re irrational, but at certain times we’re all prone to it. Lucky ties, knocking on wood, not discussing something for fear of “jinxing” the outcome are all irrational. What people often do is create elaborate reasons for engaging in the irrational. “Every time I wear this tie, I close a deal. It’s a lucky tie.” “Believing in a god makes me feel good, and lots of others believe in one, so my belief is completely rational.” Those are rationalizations, or seemingly rational excuses for engaging in irrational behavior. In fact, that excuse may be completely rational. “If I’m a committed Christian, I have a far better chance of getting elected.” That doesn’t, however, magically turn the irrational indulgence, in this case believing in Christianity, rational.

What religions often do is say god belief is different, that for this and only this issue, faith is ok and the only way to know, understand and accept the belief. That’s simply a rationalization, an excuse to indulge in irrational behavior. It’s not even a rational excuse for it’s essentially special pleading, a logical fallacy.-The Typical Indulger

You Made Me Say It!

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