Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anarchism 101: Schools of Anarchist Thought


  1. I have been called an anarchist many times.
    One of the problems with todays mind set is that.

    If they can not understand something, they try to control it.
    If they then can not control it, they try to destroy it.

    Revolution comes about through evolution.
    Evolution does not come about through revolution.

    Evolution comes from Self.

  2. Happened across this post and I watched the video. I think it takes a one-sided approach to the concept of anarchy and is a little dismissive of anarcho-capitalism and a little too interested in promoting certain values in people, such as tolerance, that they may not possess. The idea of anarchy should be a society with no central authority possessing a monopoly on power or force. In looking to compel certain values in that society, you're already looking for a central authority.

  3. Re: "central authority"
    A new regime replaces the old.

    It is the mind-sets that need to be changed.
    Nothing wrong with tolerance. As long as it is understood that it must be applied to all concerned.

  4. Change mindsets? Tolerance?

    Nothing changes human nature, and tolerance leads to intolerance. We must be intolerant of our nature. We must acknowledge people will always do things that they will defend to the death to be right, regardless of how many people they hurt. And we must intolerantly stand up to them, sometimes even wielding force to do so.

    That is why anarchy is pointless, because we should have far less faith in the individual, or even in small groups. No tribe, clan, or individual has ever achieved anything. Only small groups and individuals under the collective protection and productive potential of a larger society have ever achieved anything.

  5. I think defining a human nature is dangerous. It's a comfortable excuse for all sorts of uses of force to compel a desired behavior from others.

    I don't understand how individuals are untrustworthy, but when you put them in a group, they suddenly become so.

  6. I think human nature doesn't exist. I do, however, think the overwhelming number of people are decent, but they are not born that way. We are born helpeless, selfish, needy, dependent, and talk about whiney... we have to overcome this, and it's impossible to do it alone. Socialization is an important part of who each of us are.

    Individuals are trustworthy, plenty are. Enough people are trustworthy that if you get a large group of them together, the majority of prevailing ideas among them won't be too insane. An individual can be crazy, but it's quite uncommon for a group to exhibit mass hysteria. It takes quite a bit of fear to make a large group of people nuts, so we should be fighting that, not the idea of groups.


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