Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anarchism 101: Crime


  1. If there was no government, wouldn't there be chaos
    Everybody running round, setting petrol bombs off?
    And if there was no police force, tell me what you'd do
    If thirty thousand rioters came running after you?
    And who would clean the sewers? Who'd mend my television?
    Wouldn't people lay about without some supervision?
    Who'd drive the fire engines? Who'd fix my video?
    If there were no prisons, well, where would robbers go?

    And what if I told you to Fxxk Off?

    What if there's no army to stop a big invasion?
    Who'd clean the bogs and sweep the floors? We'd have all immigration.
    Who'd pull the pint at the local pub? Where'd I get my fags?
    Who'd empty out my dustbins? Would I still get plastic bags?
    If there were no hospitals, and no doctors too,
    If I'd broken both my legs, where would I run to?
    If there's no medication, if there were no nurses,
    Wouldn't people die a lot? And who would drive the hearses?

    And what if I told you to Fxxk Off?

    If there were no butchers shops, what would people eat?
    You'd have everybody starving if they didn't get their meat.
    If there was no water, what would people drink?
    Who'd flush away the you-know-what? But of course MINE never stink.
    What about the children? Who'd teach them in the schools?
    Who'd make the beggers keep in line? Learn them all the rules?
    Who's tell us whitewash windows? When to take down doors?
    Tell us make a flask of tea and survive the holocaust?

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