Friday, July 2, 2010

Serious Police Brutality at the G20 in Toronto

This was in a email. We will cover the name of the person that orignally wrote this for safety reasons. He was attenting a critical mass in Toronto when attacked by police

My name is ************, age 26 and life long resident of Toronto, Canada.
I was attacked and held illegally by Toronto Police in the “g20 jail” on Sunday June 27th, 2010.

I was riding in a special critical mass of cyclists, there was 600 cyclists riding in group to take the media spotlight away from the property damage done to the city core the day before.

The bike ride was peaceful and no street laws where broken. The mass ride was riding along Yorkville and this is where I was attacked. A police cyclist blocked my path directly in front of me; another police cyclist struck me in the face, hitting my teeth with his fist.

First hand account of serious police brutality at the G20 in Toronto

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  1. Shocking police brutality: G20 Detention Center, 629 Eastern Avenue, Toronto, Canada

    Shocking footage about the G20 Detention Center,- a converted film studio on 629 Eastern Avenue, Toronto, Canada. Women and girls are strip searched, assaulted and intimidated by male officers, no food, no water, no phone call, no laywer - no human dignity.

    Shame on you! Police brutality against women G20 Toronto, Canada

    15-18 year old girls only get 3 tiny cheese sandwiches and 3 cups of water for over 30 hours. 100's of girls are strip searched, watched naked and some sexually harassed by male police officers. Sexist behaviour and explicit sexual remarks ar very commonplace in the G20 detention center. Women and girls are violently detained, snatched and shot at by police in Toronto, Canada during the G20 2010. Young people traumatized for their life. Held for 30 hours in a guantanamo like prison camp with insufficient food and 3 tiny cups of water, 40 women held in tiny, cold cells. No right to a lawyer, no right to a phone call, freezing cold...

    notepad youtube channel


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