Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paperless Pusher

I'm the sole holdout, the last of my kind. I don't let it get me down. I carry on, bravely and alone, facing the future with the knowledge that I, one man, stand in righteous defiance of the forces of conformity and banksterism.

I am...Nikkolas Jakson, arch nemesis of direct deposit and paperless payroll statements.

So, they've been planning this, like all their nefarious schemes, for quite some time. Though I've been working for this company for a few years now, I've been periodically asked about having my paycheck directly deposited into a checking account. I've declined the "offer" several times.

Now, don't get me wrong, it would be great and convenient to get my money before the day the checks are passed out. It goes right into your bank account at midnight the night before. And if you're not at work that day, you still get your money without having to drive out to pick up your check (if you need the funds that bad, which I did once, but only once in all the time I've been there). But I really have no problem waiting until payday and then going somewhere to cash my check (the last few times at Walmart).

Before, I would also raise the objection that I like getting a paper statement, with all my earnings, deductions, vacation time earned, sick days left, and so on. "Oh, you'll still get your statement," I was always told, "but just without an actual check attached."

But guess what? All those who already signed up for direct deposit will no longer be receiving such a statement. The company has gone "paperless" and everyone was asked to sign-up with an online payroll service so they can track their information on the web.

So, one day recently, our Human Resources manager comes to personally bring me my check. Then she starts asking me (it felt more like an interrogation) why I haven't signed up for direct deposit. She wants to know if I have a checking account (I don't give a direct answer) and then tells me I can go get a free one from many banks. Then she goes into a whole spiel about how much more convenient it is, and how I would have my money sooner that way. When I didn't give her any positive reaction, she then used another tactic.

"If you don't, you'll be the only one in the whole company getting an old fashioned paper check," she said.

Oh no! I would be different than everyone else, a lone nut, a kook, an oddball, a weirdo, a troublemaker! People follow the crowd, the mob, the mass movements that are controlled by a few rulers. That's how you get Nazi Germany. That's how fascism rises.

There was one other person in my department who hadn't previously succumbed to the pressure and was also still getting a real check on payday, but she caved under the HR onslaught, even though when I talked to her later, she admitted she'd rather still get a check.

You see, she didn't have the inner strength or confidence to stand up for what she believes and wants. She gave in, as most do in this life. This is why the state still stands (though it will eventually go down) and why it is so difficult to resist the majority.

The system wants conformity, and it despises resistance and individualism. But we must resist if we are to remain human and not become merely robotic slaves.

I stood my ground, because I don't want to use the bankster system (and notice how this company pushes the ruling class agenda of banksters...if you don't have a bank account, you need to get one) and the change to paperless statements is for the company's convenience, not for the benefit of the workers (though they laughably tried to portray it that way, with propaganda about how much easier and simpler it would be for all of us).

One older lady co-worker has direct deposit but likes receiving her paper statement. She doesn't have a computer at home, and she likes to keep all her pay stubs in her personal files. Now, even though she could probably print them out from the website, she no doubt never will. And what about when you need to show pay stubs for proof of income? She asked about that, but nobody in management answered her concerns. She's just a wage slave, after all.

I'm one too, but obviously one who hasn't gratefully accepted his chains.

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  1. There are quite a number of people where I work who still get paper checks. I use direct deposit myself, but I'm very choosy about my banks. I'm guessing, but I think there'd be quite an outcry if we tried to go paperless down here.


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