Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Some asswipe from Germany stopped following Skeptical Eye today. I don't mind when people stop following this blog, but as I usually return the favor and follow them (if they have a blog of their own) most followers here also have me as a follower. Sometimes I've followed them first and then they follow in return (thank you to you all!) but more often they've followed first and I've reciprocated. In the blogging world it just seems like good manners, and I still find things of interest in what may seem like very mundane blogs (such as this one) so when you insult me by deciding Skeptical Eye ain't worthy of your following, I don't hesitate; I retaliate, tit for tat, and stop following you!

The same goes for assholes, like this former contributor (and fake anarchist) who stop linking here even when we've still got their blog on our blogrolls, even when they've received new and permanent readers because of this blog. I "unlink" them and remove them from the rolls. That doesn't mean that sites and blogs linked here have to link to Skeptical Eye (the overwhelming majority do not) but it does mean that if you do link and I've returned the favor by including you here, if you stop linking, again, I'll retaliate.

So go ahead, it doesn't bother me at all, it actually makes my day!


  1. I am so flattered by my name in the archive, by the way. *swoon*

  2. How can you know who stopped following you? I wouldn't know. Please disclose the tip!

  3. Hi Duta! Well, there are several ways (including having one hell of a memory), but a simple one I often use is to just save a screen shot(s) of my followers list. If you click on the little expansion symbol at the upper right of your followers widget, you will have the avatars with the profile names that you can then save. After that, when you notice someone has stopped following, go back and compare the
    file(s) you saved with the current live list. You should be able to determine who the rat was that way.

    Sometimes you can tell from looking at your stats, but that's not as easy (and doesn't always give you the information to tell who it was).

  4. I am so flattered by my name in the archive

    Don't get too excited. I'm probably going to go back to the drop down archive (though your "Ginx Archive" may make an occasional appearance).

  5. Thanks for your prompt answer, and your very helpful tip!


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