Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Electricity Thief

Hey, times are hard! Lost your job? No roof over your head? Just squat in an abandoned house and steal electricity from your neighbors!

Memphis Police said Wednesday a man powered a vacant home for up to three years using electricity he stole from his neighbor.

A big television set was visible through an ajar rear door at an abandoned house on Hugenot in Orange Mound where James Williams, 62, was arrested Wednesday morning.

Man arrested for stealing electricity from neighbors

Three years does seem like a long time to get away with something like that. Then again, Congress and state and local public "servants" have being getting away with thievery for decades. James Williams should have looked into the much more lucrative route of holding public office.


  1. Yeah, it's almost like he was some sort of asshole who didn't pay his taxes and got stuff for free...

  2. some sort of asshole who didn't pay his taxes and got stuff for free...

    Yeah, like those freeloaders in Bell, California who refused to pay their taxes and still enjoyed the services of their $800,000 a year city manager.

  3. Clearly if I buy a product and I don't like how the company is run, I should just steal from them after that.


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