Friday, July 30, 2010

Musicians Are Better Than Non-musicians!

I knew it all the time. I've been composing music in the shower for a long while (and I actually wrote some songs that were better than anything by Led Zeppelin). Too bad I never recorded any of them for posterity. But since playing music seems to be key, I'm going to have break out the old bongo drums (where did I see them last?)...

Northwestern University scientists have pulled together a review of research into what music -- specifically, learning to play music -- does to humans. The result shows music training does far more than allow us to entertain ourselves and others by playing an instrument or singing. Instead, it actually changes our brains.


The bottom line to all these studies: musical training has a profound impact on other skills including speech and language, memory and attention, and even the ability to convey emotions vocally.

Music benefits the brain, research reveals

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  1. Since it gets you laid, it's also helpful in a Darwinian sense. And no, Guitar Hero does not count.


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