Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comprehensive Legislation

Have you noticed the government panacea for every problem?

Oil spill?

Comprehensive energy legislation.

Bank failures?

Comprehensive financial legislation.

Medically uninsured?

Comprehensive health care legislation.

As Sheldon Richman points out, comprehensive means nothing...except more and bigger government. Read the whole (short) thing here.


  1. Comprehensive

    definition: of large scope

    Are you accusing the government of... being honest?

  2. Sure, the government can be the nanny state. Hey, it worked in Russia for 70 years until the failures, from the beginning, were finally admitted. Good article.

  3. Yeah it worked in America as we rose to the top after WWII under taxes on income in the highest bracket at over 90% and some of the strictest building codes and product regulations in the world. Then Conservatism happened... and you can look around now for the results of that.


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