Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mainstream Media Will Save Us!

These two CNN pro-state shills (Kyra Phillips and John Roberts) discuss the Internet's "wild west" Dark Side (Ooooh Scary!) "all the time". And no wonder they do, because the freedom of the Internet threatens the very foundations of the State that supports the Statist media that has provided such shills with such a good living for so long. No mention of the "dark side" of the regime "news" organizations, though, like spreading the State's lies about the need for an attack and invasion of Iraq (that led to the death of tens of thousands of civilians).

And Kyra sure is a supporter of the State and all its glorious wars of "liberation". As Glenn Greenwald writes:

...this is the same Kyra Phillips responsible for one of the more disgusting television moments of the last decade. In April, 2003, she interviewed the doctor treating Ali Abbas, a 12-year-old Iraqi boy who had just lost 15 relatives, including his father, pregnant mother and three siblings, as well as both of his arms, in an errant American missile strike on the Baghdad suburb where he lived. While this child had burns all over his body, some of them infected, putting him in constant pain, Phillips asked his doctor this question:

Doctor, does he understand why this war took place? Has he talked about Operation Iraqi Freedom and the meaning? Does he understand it?

As Joan Walsh put it at the time: Phillips asked this "question" after the doctor explained that Ali said he hopes no other "children in the war will suffer like what he suffered"; "Phillips seemed shocked by Ali's apparent inability to understand we were only trying to help him."

As Greenwald also points out, the two CNN anchors are concerned about the anonymity the Internet provides, even though the case in question (Shirley Sherrod) didn't involve an anonymous blogger at all. He also amusingly shows the hypocrisy of the media's highly paid professional "journalists" when it comes to "anonymity", as so much of their "reporting" is the spreading of rumors and opinions from "anonymous sources".-CNN anchors attack the scourge of anonymity

In the video below, Andrew Keene (Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing our Culture), is featured, praising the Mainstream Media for coming "to the rescue" to straighten it all out.

On bloggers, Kyra Phillips then said "something is going to have to be done legally. . . . these people have to be held accountable, they're a bunch of cowards." Yes, "legally", so we get the Mainstream Media's friend and supporter the State involved.

“How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously. They say rotten things about people and they're actually given credibility, which is crazy”.-Kyra Phillips

Phillips and Roberts then talk about a “gatekeeper” (it should be the media, surprise!). Roberts thinks people should “put their name to it” when they make statements about others. Of course, the Mainstream Media doesn't force their anonymous sources to "put their name to it" when they report what those sources say about others.

From Greenwald again The catty, harmful insults in the 2004 campaign that John Kerry "looks French" and John Edwards is the "Breck Girl" were introduced to the public by The New York Times' Adam Nagourney, quoting an anonymous Bush aide.

Yes, it's "crazy" to give credibility to bloggers, but not journalists like former National Public Radio producer Sarah Spitz, who said of Rush Limbaugh that she would "Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out" while watching him die and that she "never knew I had this much hate in me. But he deserves it."

I guess we can trust her and other mainstream media figures to give us honest, objective reporting, unlike the world of bloggers where, in the words of Roberts "anyone's enemy can take something nasty and post it".

Video via LRC Blog

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