Monday, July 26, 2010

5,200 Restaurants Close

More than 5,200 restaurants closed in the U.S. this spring, dropping the total number in operation by 1 percent...Research firm: 5,200 restaurants closed in the U.S. this spring

This is good news if you're a human being in Fatland, AKA America, but bad news if you're in the restaurant business. If people eat at home instead of out, they'll generally save money, and if they are careful shoppers, eat healthier meals as well. But restaurants closing in large numbers is just another sign of how phony the "recovery" is that is being touted by the State and its lapdog media whores.

Still, fast food places are probably the most immune to closure, because they're convenient (and so many Americans are now lazy slobs who don't know how to cook to save their lives) and many have cheapo dollar menus. Now I'm gonna take a break to go get me a couple of Sausage Egg McMuffins (they're still on sale, I think).

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  1. The worst part to me is the jobs being lost. I know some economists love to see businesses closing, as they see this as the inevitable result of competition, but I see it as a reduction in competition, as mostly large chains are likely to survive.

    Had me a delicious sausage bisuit this morning... since our stuff literally just got here. Off to unpack.


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