Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cornbread, The Evil Defeated!

Cornbread, that golden yellow cornbready stuff. How I love it! I used to make my own cornbread with the recipe off the box of cornmeal, whipping together flour and shortening, baking powder and cornmeal, but cutting way down on or eliminating the sugar, to make it less sweet.

However, I do enjoy way too much the sweet stuff that is moist and may as well be called a corn cake as cornbread.

I was wandering through Trader Joe's, picking up a few things for my new caveman lifestyle, looking to get a salad or two (found a great Cobb salad with uncured bacon, chicken breast, olives, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg and naturally, lettuce-it was good, but a little on the expensive side) for my lunch at work, and some kiefer (plain, though they have strawberry, too, which I was forced to try once when they ran out of the plain, and it was pretty good, but I want to avoid sugar as much as possible, so I don't buy it if plain is available) which had disappeared from the store the last time I was there so I crossed my fingers that the little refrigerated case that held it (and that had been taken over by yogurt on my previous visit) would contain it once again, and I found to my great joy that it did!

But then I went down the bread section, and what do I see but a delicious looking round cornbread, made, it appears, with lots of sugar. It was only about 5 or 6 inches across, and my first thought was to put it in my basket and have it with some chili when I got home. The I looked at the nutrition information. The tiny cornbread had eight servings! Eight? Where do they come up with these serving sizes? Half of the cornbread I had in my basket was less than the "serving" you'd get at your local fried chicken palace. I guess it's so they can claim one serving only has 170 calories. In the store I quickly calculated the total for eight servings and came up with a sum of 1360! Add a can of chili to that and eat it and you've probably just committed suicide without realizing it.

Still, I kept that cornbread in my cart for a while longer and I stalled trying to rationalize purchasing it. I won't eat anything all day tomorrow was my first thought (never works), then I came up with I'll only eat one serving (and thus only an additional 170 calories...manageable, right?) but quickly realized that would only lead to just one more little piece syndrome.

I quietly walked back to the bread shelves and put my moist, sweet golden cornbread back.

Someday, little cornbread, we may meet again, like when I've just come off a hunger strike.

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