Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rush Limbaugh, Neocon Supporter of Mass Murder


  1. By your title it is obvious you do not listen to Limbaugh, ever.

    That said, it is also painfully obvious you listened to the leftist speaker in the clip and not for yourself as to what Limbaugh said.

    He was not 'celebrating' of what used to happen in war but rather explaining the difference between now and then and that yes, in war civilians do get killed, it is unavoidable.

    Before posting such inflamatory garbage, why not research a little. Starting today tune into his 3-hour show and listen, you do not have to agree but ACTUALLY LISTEN. In this you will hear him and not sound bites taken out of context.

  2. I've listened to Rush. He is certifiably an asshat of the highest degree.


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