Friday, July 30, 2010

Look on the Bright Side!

At the least, if you lose your job and home under Obama's destruction of the economy, you'll be helping to save the planet!


  1. Yeah, damn Obama and his policies since the 80's which have concentrated wealth in the hands of a few!

    You're giving Obama way too much credit on this one...

  2. He didn't start it, but he's accelerating it!

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  4. Time will tell. I think he's stalling it, you think he's accelerating it, maybe he's fixing it, but it's more likely that there's nothing he (or in actuality, Congress) can do about it at this point. The the worst part is, Bush was doing the same exact things at the end of his presidency before he left office, so I have a feeling we were doomed to this fate regardless of who won the last election.

    Well, if Paul had won, at least we'd be high... and maybe the tax revenues from that would sovle it.


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