Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog of the Moment: Workforced

Companies have the upper hand over job applicants because there are more people than there are positions to fill. Such are the laws of supply and demand that companies demand you supply them with hours of your time before they will let you anywhere near a job offer.

Aptitude tests are the first hurdle in the calisthenic catastrophe that is the hiring process. As my uncle used to say: “If you can’t put a person into boxes they’re not worth knowing.” He’s in jail now.

Most aptitude tests today are online, which defeats the point. Even a nincompoop can ask someone else to take the test for them. I remember doing very badly during an online aptitude test so I yanked the internet cable out of the computer. A quick email later to claim a connection failure and I had a second chance. How very sneaky! Do you think I got any bonus points for lateral thinking?


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