Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mama and the Kids: At the Zoo

Well, it took me a bit of time, but I has finally got some paper to write up what happened all the times with me and my brothers and sisters and our Mama, who was always looking out for us and telling ever one else to got to find themself a hot spot in hell.

One day we went to the zoo, and there being so many of us, Mama snuck some of us in over the fence by the porcupine exhibit. I'd a rather gone over into the skunk's place or even the rattly snakes, but Mama said no one would suspect anyone would try it in a poky place like that, but she did give me her cane to fight off the sticky critters if need be.

I didn't see none of them things no where so I jest get the kids in free and went to meet Mama over by the elephants. Mama, she said she like them big things cause they was the only ones at the zoo bigger and fatter than she was. Mama was large and she knowed it, that for sure! We all laughed a bit, then Mama broke out the big bag of peanuts she had somewheres under her dress and started giving 'em to the elephants. That's when the trouble started when a man in uniform come up and told Mama to stop it and he pointed at some writing what I didn't know what it said counting I'm not the best at reading, but Mama later told me it was wrote on there Don't Feed the Animals.

The man got kinda angry and all when Mama told him to got to hell and kept on a feeding the elephants.

That's when the man got on some kinda radio or something and talked into it and it made some funny noises back at him. Mama told the man the elephants loved her peanuts and she'd a got them straight from Jimmy Carter and if a that kinda Presidential endorsement weren't good 'nuff for him then she didn't know what would ever be.

The man then tried to take Mama's bag o peanuts away from her by grabbing for it, which was a mistake on his parts, cause Mama socked him in the jaw and then grabbed him by the shirt collar and tossed him into there with the elephants and then one of the big 'un come over and stamped on the poor guys head, but Mama tolds me not to be too sorry for him, seeing hows he wanted to deny them elephants a little pleasure like eating some peanuts. Mama also said how come if he was a looking out for them elephants, they was all chained up in a little place like that? Mama said it was all a farce and we shouldn't never trust nobody in a uniforms and I seed how she must be right.

Well, after that we high tailed it outta there and stopped at the mall on the ways home for some ice cream cones. Mama said some day we'd even be able to have ice cream cones with some ice cream in 'em, but the plain cones was good 'nuff for nows and least ways we could pretend they had ice cream in 'em. Mama said hers was rockety road or something and laughed away as she licked at nothing.

Then Mama got a funny look on her face. She sit down and stared at all the people going by. Some of us asked her what was going on, and Mama said she was still at the zoo looking at the animals.

We didn't know what she meant then Mama said them there people was the real dangerous animals and they was all in cages but didn't knows it. I thought about it later that night and I knowed Mama was right about that.

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