Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hand Me a Paper Towel

I hate those air hand dryers in public restrooms. I never use them unless there in no other option, and most people seem to agree with me based on my unscientific study of others using the public restroom at a local Walmart. In this restroom the choice of air blower or paper towels is offered, and I never see anyone using the dryer. When your hands are really wet (can they be a little wet? or is that like being a little pregnant?) who wants to wait around for air to dry them. It is supposed to be hot air, but I've noticed that most of the air dryers I've tried recently aren't blowing out anything even approaching barely warm.

Anyway, I haven't seen too many restrooms offering both drying methods, though it certainly is democratic of those that do.

So I stop for gas, and I then decide some Chicken Mcnuggets are in order, so I go through the drive-thru and order them. Then, realizing I simply have to use the restroom, I park and walk inside to use the facilities. As I was washing my hands I noticed right away that there were no towels, only one of those gosh darned air dryers. I went over to it and made the attempt to get my hands dry, but it was just air blowing out, not hot at all, and I stood there for more than a minute with my hands not yet completely dry. Just then one of the employees comes in, and I decide to leave with my hands still wet. It made me think that maybe some of the employees may not go to the trouble of washing their hands in spite of their training on the matter, because they're not gonna want to stand there for a couple minutes to get their hands dry. Which makes air dryers in public restrooms inside restaurants a public health menace.

The restaurant management may want to save money by not having to buy paper towels anymore, or maybe they succumbed to politically correct environmentalist b.s., but either way, I got news for them; Take this food and shove it, I ain't eating here no more!

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  1. I have seen air dryers that worked, but they sound like aircraft engines and I cannot imagine they use less energy than a few pieces of paper tower. The grossest is that cloth loop you like pull down... ew.


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