Friday, July 30, 2010

Oil or Nothing?

Despite apocalyptic coverage, oily pelicans, and President Obama's description of the BP spill as "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced," Time's Michael Grunwald contends that the Gulf spill isn't anywhere near as bad as the public has been led to believe. Grunwald, whom Mike Allen praises as "on the speed-dial of all enviro flacks," acknowledges that even though the Gulf spill is the biggest in U.S. history, and even though we can't say for sure what the long-term effects will be, the numbers on the ground haven't justified the hype.

Has Damage to the Gulf Been Overstated?

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  1. Same old PR garbage. Yes, I can point to plenty of crazy people who claimed it would cause oil to rain down on the south and that nothing would ever grow in the Gulf again. Are those particular things overstated? Of course, but does anyone really think the fishermen directly affected consider it no big deal?

    What a shame its cheaper (and more effective) to sling bullshit in the media than actually do anything constructive.


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