Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sarah Palin Ties Obama In 2012 Matchup Poll

I know this is several days old, but I haven't been paying attention to any of this political nonsense. I gave up believing voting could make a major difference when I became an anarchist. There was a time when I was a real political junkie, and every pre-election poll would get me excited (Election Day itself, both presidential and mid-term, was like a holiday to me back then, with the whole day spent listening to radio and television and anticipation building as I waited for the returns to start coming in) and I would root for the most "conservative" or "liberal" (I was both at different times, until I realized I really was both at the same time and discovered I'm a libertarian) candidate in the primaries.

So, should you be worried or thrilled by the possibility of President Palin?

With his approval numbers hitting new lows it's no surprise that Barack Obama's numbers in our monthly look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race are their worst ever this month. He trails Mitt Romney 46-43, Mike Huckabee 47-45, Newt Gingrich 46-45, and is even tied with Sarah Palin at 46. The only person tested he leads is Jan Brewer, who doesn't have particularly high name recognition on the national level at this point.

Pretty Bad 2012 numbers for Obama

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