Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stupid Bumper Stickers

What a rotten day I had yesterday (or was it the day before, everything has become a blur) and I must say much of it was of my own making, but one thing I still did as I drove was read stupid bumper stickers.

Here are a few I saw the other day (whatever day that was):

God Is In Control

So, God is an impotent old man with an advanced case of Alzheimers?

Got freedom? Thank the Military and Their Families

This one was on the back of a pick-up. Why are so many of these types of phony "patriotic" messages on big gas-guzzling trucks? Oh yeah, I remember...small dicks.

Sorry, Mr. Tiny Penis, but I'm not thanking any clown-costumed, taxpayer supported, murdering parasites for anything.

Recyclers Do It More Than Once

Very original, another "do it" sticker. Do any of the people with versions of "do it" on their bumpers spend any time actually doing it? I think they spend all their time buying and sticking on bumper stickers. Or sticking stuff on the inside of their windshields, like the moron in front of me yesterday (day before that?) with the recycling sticker (I hope it was made out of recycled crap and printed with soy ink).

They had one of those GPS navigation thingamabobs stuck right on the windshield over their steering wheel! I mean, it was right there blocking their view of the road! The idiot driver was short, so maybe they couldn't see much of what was in front of them on the road anyway, but still, I guess it will help them get where they're going, if they don't crash first. Give me an old fashioned fold-out paper map any day; I'd rather get into a wreck with a giant wall-sized map blocking my view of the highway than be distracted into an accident by a navigation screen. At least with the map in front of my face I won't see any of what's coming and will never know what hit me.

Or, there's always this system:

And in Viking days...


  1. I have to stand up for people who drive pick-up trucks, if only because so many have helped me move. It's sports car and Hummer drivers who have inwardly concave penises, aka cockginas. Most people who drive trucks are military cultists, though. That much is true.

    My favorite are the McCain/Palin bumper stickers, or even funnier, the faded, partially scratched off around the edges Kerry/Edwards stickers.

  2. I agree, pick-up trucks can be useful. It's just too bad so many (not all) of their owners are assholes.

  3. Yeah, but have you met a Prius owner?!

  4. Since you brought it up, how is that Prius of yours running, Ginx?


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