Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vaccine Overload

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library)


  1. Oh my, he even mentioned bypassing the immune system. Pinching myself...this is MSM?

    Somehow I doubt that our enlightened ruling class families vaccinate their children. Tony Blair over here probably didn't give the MMR to his kids even as he was telling the rabble they should do so.

  2. Vaccines cause autism like watching Fox News informs the viewer.

  3. The doctor in the video doesn't claim any vaccine "causes autism", but that there might be a problem with giving multiple vaccines all at once to infants. If that hasn't been studied, then he may have a point.

  4. Something is causing the ludicrous rates of autism toady. Some studies have it at over 2% of boys. Varies I guess. My prime suspect would be the ever increasing number of vaccines and other sources of heavy metals contamination...

    ...or I can trust the authoritative white coat men, like the ones at CRU. It's not like there aren't 'experts' who disagree with this 'consensus' too.

    Mostly I would like to have been able to be aware of this issue before, but nobody told me when I was getting all my vaccines like a good little boy.

    The men in white coats, by the way, also tell us that Depleted Uranium is nothing to worry about. lmao

    I wonder what they said to the soldiers lined up for nuclear testing back in the 50s?

    "Don't worry about those crazy people who say we are giving you cancer, we know this is a safe dose of radiation!"


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