Saturday, October 9, 2010

Throw Out the Socialists! (and give us more taxpayer money)

Voracious! That was the description of the state government given by the guest on the early morning weekend Geezer Security radio show. He stated the fact that the state has a serious budget crisis, and is looking for revenues wherever it can find them.. Then he launched into a horror story of how state bureaucrats (okay, we all hate their freaking guts)  are now making judgments on the competency of the elderly.  Sounds terrible and outrageous!  How dare they! What went unmentioned by the infuriated guest and his host was an explicit acknowledgement that these were people that wanted to get Medicare funding for their long term care and had put assets such as their home into the name of one of their children in order to protect those assets.

The merits of government involvement in providing for long term care is not the issue here. It's that these guys, and particularly the host (who last week went off on a tangent on this same subject himself)  is otherwise a raving right-wing radio screamer. He calls Obama a Marxist and has said that his audience should  vote ALL Democrats in Congress out of office. He throws the word socialism around a lot, too.

But the theme the last two shows has been on seniors protecting their assets that they "worked for all their lives" from being eaten up by long term care costs.  "What would you do if your electric bill suddenly went to $8,000 a month," the host asked rhetorically. "How would you pay for it? And would you want to lose everything you've worked for all your life to pay for it?" But I guess it's okay with Mr. Anti-Socialist if the taxpayers in a state that is bankrupt foot the bill instead. Though he screams his head off every week about the Democrats spending us into ruin and creating those huge deficits, he doesn't want anyone messing with the seniors entitlements, even though Social Security and Medicare represent the two largest fiscal nightmares that are facing us. The bloated military budget is another problem, but this type of "conservative" doesn't want to touch that either. We have to continue fighting those damn Islamic terrorists to "protect our freedom", after all.

Those evil Democrats, meanwhile, are the very ones who created Social Security (during FDR's New Deal) and Medicare (during LBJ's Great Society), but it's time to "vote them out" before they turn our beloved  America into a socialist country.

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