Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Ron Paul's Racist Quotes
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  1. not that i'm a fan of ron paul's or anything, but for the sake of sound journalism, and because i can't stand to see people still beating a dead horse that was killed on false premises in the first place...

    please read this article in its entirety and think twice before posting moronic rants like this again:


  2. This is old news, and not very relevant to anything going on now. The establishment, of course, badly wants to discredit Paul in any way they can. He brings more awareness of important ruling class lies to the general public than the rest of the Congress combined. Just his campaign to educate people on the Federal Reserve (and his bill to audit it) is enough to send them into apoplectic frenzy. Add in his total opposition to the US empire and advocating for bringing all the troops home, and he is a major enemy of those who see their control of a crumbling system slipping away.

    And Ron Paul is so racist that he didn’t join the chorus of right-wing voices going insane over the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

    Is Paul perfect? No, and he’s no anarchist, for sure. Does it make any sense to call him an “enemy of liberty”? Well, if he’s pro-liberty the vast majority of the time, than no, it doesn’t. 90% liberty versus 10 anti-liberty (or whatever percentage you care to use) does not equal “enemy of liberty”. Sorry, Bret, but your Ron Paul posts are major fails.

    I’ll have more comments on this when my headache goes away.

  3. What 10% is anti-liberty? The gay population?


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