Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ron Paul: Enemy of Liberty

No one has more Libertarian fan boys than Ron Paul. I’m sorry, Dr. Ron Paul.

What is his doctorate in again? Apparently he’s an OB/GYN. Well, how progressive of him. Clearly someone who worked with women on a regular basis has a lot of respect for females… unless it comes to sovereignty over their own bodies.

For some inexplicable reason, Ron Paul wants the government in every woman’s vagina. Part of the “pro-life” crowd, Dr. Paul doesn’t think women have the right to control what happens in their own bodies. To him, abortion is murder.

And why wouldn’t he feel this way? The guy made a living delivering babies, so he clearly has an economic interest in the matter. More forced pregnancies, more business. Nothing screams liberty like a nation of concubines, right?

Good luck if you were poor and on Medicaid or old and used Medicare, because while Dr. Ron Paul held a OB/GYN monopoly in his area (being the only practitioner in Brazoria County, Texas), he wouldn’t accept Medicaid or Medicare. Don’t worry, though: Dr. Paul was happy to work out a payment plan that had you being his wage slave bitch until you could work off your bill. What a stand-up guy.

Dr. Pro Life doesn’t turn out to be that in favor of life, however, since he also supports the death penalty (at the state level, of course, because anything tyrannical at the federal level is acceptable at the state level). After all, what kind of Texas conservative would he be if he didn’t support the organized system of state sponsored slaughter?

Maybe someone should tell him not to think of abortion as murder, but as “capital birth control.”

So what is Dr. Ron Paul doing when he’s not telling women their bodies are state property or supporting prisoner holocausts or getting his metaphorical dick wet in the ideological mouths of Libertarian frat boys nationwide? He’s certainly not paying attention to his own campaign.

Several racist comments were made in newsletters Dr. Ron Paul initially claimed authorship for and later passed off as being written by strategist Lew Rockwell. Quotes like this, written after the riots following the Rodney King verdict: “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.” Yeah, those cops were just doing their job, viciously ganging up to beat a black man who was speeding. Clearly those lawless darkies had no reason to be upset.

I have no interest in arguing whether Ron Paul is or is not a racist. Hell, I think that joke is hilarious, because niggers are poor, and nothing is funnier than that, am I right? Let’s laugh at Native Americans, while we’re at it, because those plague-infested blackjack dealers deserved what they got for having a horrible immigration policy. Ha ha ha…

Dr. Paul also doesn’t want to have to eat at the Woolworths counter next to some spook, so the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has got to go. It’s not the government’s job to make sure black people are given equal rights, it’s… um… I guess it’s a sailor’s job, since they can ship the spear chuckers back where they belong, right Doc?

My personal favorite Dr. Ron Paul newsletter excerpt:

Animals… nice touch, sir, nice touch.

To really understand Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement, you have to look at the name of the movement itself:

Libert- (liberty) –arian (Aryan)

Now I get it! Freedom for white people. It makes a lot more sense now.

And god help you if you’re gay. No seriously, Dr. Ron Paul wants you to find God so He can help you not be gay. He also thinks AIDS is a punishment, that people suffering from it are “victims of their own lifestyle.” As a doctor, he knows: being born to a woman who was raped and infected with AIDS was clearly a lifestyle choice, and that woman better not even think of “choosing” to prevent that victim from being born.

Oh Dr. Ron Paul… you crack me up. I’m bestowing upon you an honorable degree in Libertaryanism, because you, sir, are the king of Libertaryans. Hell, you even have prince Rand, your very own progeny to take up the helm. And why not? The last time I saw political policies this stupid, they were coming from Medieval monarchs.

Ron Paul may love Liberty, but it’s pretty clear Liberty got a restraining order years ago and the two haven’t seen each other since.

[Cue the endless stream of embedded YouTube videos and Gerald Celente interviews that will bury this.]

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