Sunday, October 3, 2010

Republicans Want to Give Rapists the Right to Force Women to Bear Their Children

A partial list of Republican candidates running for US Congress in this year's mid-term elections shows that at least 78 of them have professed to oppose abortion in all cases, including where rape or incest are involved.


Among the more notable candidates backing a full abortion ban are Christine O'Donnell, running for the Senate in Delaware; Rand Paul, running for the Senate seat from Kentucky; Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann; and Missouri Senate candidate Roy Blunt.

But the list does not include a number of candidates known to hold that view, including Sharron Angle, who is running for Sen. Harry Reid's seat from Nevada, and Joe Miller, running for Senate from Alaska.

At least 78 GOP candidates would force women to bear rapists’ babies

Just another indication that the "tea party" really has nothing to do with "getting the government off our backs". This kind of  "culture war" tyranny that wants to use the state to enforce its views must be opposed as strongly as the "progressive" tax, spend and regulate variety.


  1. What we REALLY want is for the liberal/progressive machinery that clkaims to "care" about women, actually presnt them with ALL the options available, before propagandizing them into having an abortion - something many, many women live guilt-laden with their whole lives! THAT would be a refreshing change from the "party line" that abortions are the most expedient, acceptable option available. And all those libs/progs who claim "compassion" as their motivation for their stand on abortion? Where's their compassion for the life they snuff out? Now THAT life truly does need a voice to speak for it!

  2. You're talking about "ALL the options available" when he's talking about women who have been raped? Yeah, she should have to carry the child to term and then risk her own life giving birth.

    What about the option of kicking people like you square in the balls?

  3. Again Bret we agree.

    Government has no business in the bedroom, marriage, and for damn sure not in the decision making process for a crime victim.

    We have already reviewed the statistics on violent crime so we know the highest percentage of rapists are lower in IQ and predatory, I don't have a problem eliminating their genetics from the gene pool.

    The next round of stupidity is for this band of religionists to demand that a rape victim be forced to marry her rapist!

    Bible idiots.


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