Thursday, October 7, 2010

I’m As Shocked As You

Around here, all you hear is cynicism. In fact, most readers of this blog probably assume that politicians are all (or primarily) puppets, and that private interests are the puppeteers.

Obama proved that some politicians still answer to the American people Thursday when he refused to sign a bill that would protect mortgage processors. That’s right, the statist boogey man himself rejected a measure that would have lifted accountability from the backs of lenders who abused the foreclosure process.

And before you start looking for the shitty lining in this silver cloud, consider what is actually happening. People are having their homes seized from them by private bankers who don’t bother to properly ensure they are taking homes from people who are actually delinquent on payments.

Think about it. Locksmiths were hired to change the locks on homes where home owners were paying their mortgage. People are being thrown out of their homes as the chill of winter rolls in, not because they were irresponsible, but because of errors on the part of the banks they borrowed from.

I guess the check from the bank written to Obama bounced… either that, or the common wisdom that all politicians are whores is just a trend, not a tried and true law of politics.


  1. I'm not shocked at all, I like the guy, almost feel sorry for him...

    Even a whore can have a heart of gold, and of course lots of voters out in the streets from a foreclosure is not good for elections. He is not stupid the bailout with the republicrat whores lost the old retarded fossil the election (causing even some yellow dog republicans to skip the election)...

    He likely still felt shitty because he had to apologize for that government conspiracy about shooting up some poor people south of the border with bio-agents for testing... Mengele would have been proud.

  2. I don't think I'd like Obama. My wife went to an Ivy League school, and she's also pretty much the only person I ever met who went to one that I didn't want to punch in the face after 10 minutes of talking about something besides sports, the weather, or food.

    I mean, I spend my free time talking to people on here, and if you read what I write, you know I probably wouldn't be pals with a wealthy person with a law degree. If anything, Obama is a perfect example of the kind of person I hate.

    Still won't vote for him in 2012 unless one of three things happens:

    - cannabis is legalized
    - our ties with Israel are cut
    - the highest tax bracket is increased to 60-90%

    I think the odds of any of those three happening is slim to none, but I'm registered to vote, just in case.


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