Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Goodness of God


  1. Only 1.5 million? Atheists have topped that and more in the last century alone.

  2. I don't think atheists have topped God, since he is responsible for every single death that has ever occurred.

    Also, atheists don't torment their victims for eternity, like Bible God does.

    Of course your reference is not to those who killed in the name of atheism (simply an absence of belief in a god), but to those who killed for a religious ideology (Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Nazism) and for the supremacy of the new god, the State.

  3. swiftfoxmark2

    If you are talking about the mass murder under statists like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and others you are not talking about atheist... the people were not killed for atheism but for a CULT. Just as Nik points out no one was killed in the name of "atheist dogma" but because other religions presented a challenge and competition for the religionists who controlled the state cult.

    You would be hard pressed to find anyone killed for"atheist dogma" I know that bit of logic is hard for religionists because everything is based on dogma for the religionists and a cult without a god "must be evil unbelievers" not understanding that a cult is a cult and of course only "the true religion" can be correct.

    There is about as much difference in statist religious dogma and any spiritual cult as there is a difference in Republican neocons and Democrat neo trotskyites...

  4. Sorry RB, but you can't use the no true Scotsman argument here. They were atheists, and while it wasn't their primary ideology, it was definitely a motivating factor in their actions. Atheism was a core principle of communism, pure and simple.

    As for Hell, I personally believe it's not eternal torture, but total oblivion. There's a reason the book of Revelation refers to it as the "Second Death." I know that doesn't help my case for God, but I'm really not trying to justify God here. He can justify Himself, if you are willing to listen. Of course, you'd have to believe in Him first, so that's one huge hurtle before that.

    Seriously, though, I doubt that your disbelief is based on the body count. That's a pretty pathetic excuse for not believing in God. If you do not simply because you see no reason to do so, that's fine with me. But don't make excuses, it's really quite sad.

  5. Explain how this is a no true scotsman fallacy I don't understand how you come to that point.

    The cults of big governments were fighting against competing dogma, it was not BECAUSE they were atheists in fact I propose that they were replacing religion with worship of government a competing religion not atheism.

    Far from sad, and I am far from atheist I am anti-theist and I not only understand that religion is a delusion I despise christianity in particular and mostly because I understand how dangerous it is and how horrid many of the followers are when they go out of control and how the "believers" will rally to the evil of their own rather than cast out that evil.

    Why is Ted Haggard back? Why is Peter Popoff making tons of cash again and not living under a bridge in a cardboard box?


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