Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A former believer explains why he would not have trusted himself in the past

I have to agree with the caller, I would not trust my kids with a Christian that believes that faith can heal, delusion is dangerous.

How delusional are Christians? How about this "rational blogger" who claims that "(P)rayers will be answered if they are in accordance with God’s will." then continues to claim that this is not a delusional rationalization.

How dishonest or delusional is THAT?

So then by that rationalization prayer only works if the prayer is in "god's" plan. How many pray for the aid of the sick, or even better the victims of disaster? So the suffering from the disaster is "gods plan" can a religionist explain that?

And then a Christian will claim the Bible is without error, and that the Bible makes it clear that God will answer all prayers.

And you may wonder why most atheists are former religionists, in my case I want to shed ALL religionist thought including faith in the state, propaganda, and manipulation.

Proof by observation, testing, measurement, documentation, recording, and logical review of the facts - there is nothing else in life that will produce the same results outside of pure statistical accident - and even accident can be later measured, tested and repeated becoming fact!

A sick child will be treated in a multi-million dollar hospital, given the most advanced and exhaustively tested treatments, rest and nutrition, and of course if they recover it is all the mercy of "god" and of course "god" healed the child? Ugh!


  1. I've had a lot of talk about that with someone in my area.
    If he got sick it was us humans fault and the doctors being incompetent.
    If he got better, god helped him. Obviously not the doctors.


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