Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does Breathing Cause Cancer?

We’ve been told by the mainstream media that smoking, radon, car exhaust, Chinese drywall, and all manner of wonderful, necessary, everyday items “cause cancer.” But do they really?

Some scientific outsiders (mostly celebrities and medical school drop-outs) have recently discussed over drinks the possibility that nothing we’re breathing causes cancer: breathing does. Another possibility is that all kinds of things we breathe cause cancer, and since we can’t get rid of them because we are helpless tools in a world that uses us, breathing may not be a good idea.

Regardless of which is true, breathing is not longer advised.

So to all of my skeptical friends out there who are sick of the “medical establishment” telling them what will kill them, show those white coats whose boss and just stop breathing. I promise you won’t die of cancer.

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