Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Democracy Is The Highest Form of Tyranny

“Democracy is the highest form of tyranny. It keeps people from noticing that they have no power over anything. Democracy means ‘rule of the people,’ usually by Wall Street looters and blockhead generals with the minds of giant clams and all sorts of feathers and colored tinsel stuck to them. They look like Byzantine mosaics. And lobbies, never forget the lobbies, draining the treasury in the manner of bloated leeches on a suppurating udder. People in democracies have the freedom of molten plastic being poured into a mold, but they probably think less than plastic does.”-Fred Reed (via LRC Blog)

Democracy is much like religion. It gives people the illusion of control. Also keeps them from engaging in real work to change the system. "Hey, I voted!" Yeah, and got the same rulers you had before, only with a different party label after their name. Religion does the same, as people can tolerate repression and poverty if they believe in pie in the sky by and by after they die.

"You will eat by and by/ In that glorious land in the sky / Work and pray, live and hay, / There will be pie in the sky by and by."


  1. From the same article:

    "Most of government just does what it wants, in plain sight, and nobody sees it because there is too much of it, in too many places, and who has time?"

  2. Help help, I'm being oppressed by people! Anarchy will solve all of this because... um... I guess everyone would die, and without people... no tyranny! YAY!


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