Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog of the Moment: Arguing with a Doughnut

From the FAQ at the blog:

Basically I wanted to make my own funny blog to read. I wanted a cool blog. I wanted an interesting blog. I wanted a good blog, a solid blog, a funny blog! I love humor, who doesn't love humor, so I figured this would be a grand thing to do: humor! And doing it myself was a great way to get all my ridiculous memories and thoughts into one place.... a comedy blog is a great way to waste time. Also, I don't really have a job.

Arguing with a Doughnut

Actually, I think it was the post on eggs that won me over:

Eggs are not bad for you and it drives me insane that somewhere, at some point, eggs (and their yolks) were made into the bad guys. Everyone go eat an egg to stick it to the dumb people who think butter is more acceptable than eggs.-Eggs vs. THE WORLD!

Though in a cookie recipe, I'd say it's the sugar and the flour that are the most unhealthy ingredients. Butter is somewhere in between (and healthier for you than most vegetable oils).

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