Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs and Sharron Angle on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul, Former Ambassador John Bolton, CATO's director of foreign policy studies Chris Preble, Democratic Analyst Doug Schoen, and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss "Obama's War" in Afghanistan. Also on the show: Former CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs and Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle.

The Revolution: A Manifesto

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  1. Did Sharron Angle point out she thinks women who are raped shouldn't be allowed to get abortions, because God has a plan? And let me guess, Lou Dobbs wants to make a suit out of Mexicans? I can't even watch the video, for fear my head will explode with so many stupid people in one place (I see John Bolton in there too...).


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