Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Posting Delayed? or, The Cap'n's Revenge

Severe intestinal out sick kind of pain and discomfort...but I can't call out sick...I just did...hoping to get my ten posts for the day in...trying to stay seated in my blogging chair...frequent trips to bathroom necessary...had so many great posts planned for today...insides making funny noises...shouldn't of ate three heaping bowls of Cap'n Crunch with milk right before going to bed...lactose intolerance making me sick...need help...must stop doing this to myself...don't need to attend Cereal Addicts Anonymous meetings...I promise I won't do this again...I can stop anytime I want...Cap'n Crunch stop laughing at me from the front of your demon corn, sugar and oats with coconut oil box!

Reminds me...I need to go buy more Peanut Butter Crunch...Crunch Berry also running low...

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