Friday, July 9, 2010

Police State: National Guard Conducting Surveillance Flights Over NY

The following video is a perfect example of the mainstream media's relationship to the state, and why it's declining in viewership at a rate that has the elites and all statists everywhere concerned. What you get, from the national media on down to your local "news" is nothing but pro-state propaganda.

Witness this report on something called Counterdrug, from the friendly NY National Guard, with this fascist "vision": "We the soldiers and airmen of the National Guard Counterdrug Program, will become the catalysts for synchronized cooperation between and among DoD and federal, state, and local agencies across the full spectrum of counterdrug homeland defense operations."

But your local news anchor shills have no problem with any of it, and besides, it's for the children! Counterdrug is "talking to the kids", so let's celebrate the indoctrination of young minds in the publik skools. We can see exposed the different levels of state mind control at work here, and how they all work together. You have the fascist armed government thugs carrying out their orders, the public brainwashing centers ("schools") making sure the next generation will be good little statist zombies and accept the State's clown-costumed stormtroopers as their "friends", and the "news" media doing the hard work of propagandizing the whole thing to the wider population.

Having military helicopters flying around day and night is just wonderful to the two happy-faced "news" readers, and they have no apparent objection to the use of infrared cameras. To quote the costumed government goon, if someone's "generating a lot of heat or electricity, what it does is it takes a snapshot of the temperature of the area and anything that sort of sticks out from the average temperature, it'll light up like a Christmas tree".

The "news" readers also have no criticism of the unconstitutional asset forfeiture laws, that take property without due process (you can have your property seized, be found innocent in court, and still never get your property back).

But don't worry, because those funds help pay for more brainwashing of the kiddies in the public prisons schools, so it's all okay.

As the state-run local media shills say: "Thanks to the Guard, these kids are making better choices.."

Yes, we hope they will make the right "choice" to serve their master the state without questioning authority, and to become good obedient slaves that don't stir up trouble like all those libertarians and anarchists on the Internet (damn Internet!).

The statist bitch in the beret wants you to know that the program is giving kids the knowledge they need to "defend themselves from drugs" and what the harmful effects of "alcohol, tobacco, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine" are. But two of those are legal, and she doesn't see a contradiction in the state's propaganda there. Keeping alcohol and tobacco "legal" surely sends the wrong message to the children. It's confusing! Stop being hypocrites, statists; ban alcohol and tobacco today!

The "news" anchors sum it all up nicely at the end, by "informing" us that the military's "effect here at home, just like overseas, dedicated to protecting you."

That's right, no need to question or oppose those wars either, so don't trouble your pretty little heads. The government knows best, you can take the State "news" Media's word for it!

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